Delivery Policy

1. Personal and Team Coaching facilitation:This is a Service that always will be delivered in consultation with the Client.

2. Individual and team Coaching Sessions will be booked in the agenda within 48 hours after the order comes in.

3. Workshops will be delivered on the date of the event. (online/live)

4. Participants of the workshops will be informed 48 hours after registration.

5. Agile Workshops will be delivered om the date of the event.

6. Photoshoots are planned in consultation with the Client.

7. Graphic Designs: within 5 days after the order the Graphic will be created
    or with the Client there are always possibilities to discuss a different creation date depending in case of high priority.

8. Graphics designs will be delivered with WeTransfer to the Client.

9. Audio recordings are delivered within 7 days after recordings have taken place

10. Video projects are delivered in consultation with the Client due to different scenarios, complexity and effort 

NB. there is a delivery of a service and there are no fixed products be shipped.